A Workplace Game Changer

Combining breakthroughs in interactive learning with traditional recruitment services, Smartly's talent engine will help your company reach its true potential.

The Mission

To be fair, we didn't set out to revolutionize the way companies source talent. We had a smaller goal: develop technology and course content to make learning dramatically faster and more effective. Frankly, when we gazed out at the educational technology landscape, in particularly in the workplace, we saw compromise and unfulfilled promises. How much of a technological leap do you see? Does LMS streaming of old-school videos count as innovation? Has anyone combined the research in feedback-based, active learning with the great engagement strategies of social media to drive motivation, speed, and effectiveness?

The promise of learning technology in the workplace goes largely unfulfilled.

The Smartly Difference

Enter Smartly, a total re-think of how learning should happen: mobile, interactive - even witty - so you learn and retain with surprising ease. Smartly is trailblazing mobile learning, teaching fundamental concepts with a pedagogical design that accommodates rapid, adaptive learning in a superior learning platform. How superior? In an independent study by Stanford academics, students in our business courses performed as well or better than traditional MBA students comprised of many of the top 10 business schools in the world, including Stanford, Harvard, Wharton and Fuqua. Oh, and they did so over 5 times as quickly.

We're leading the way in design, efficacy and outcome-based training.

The Workplace Revolution

So, yes, our training in the workplace is faster and more effective. From required compliance courses to management training to content custom-designed for your business, we can help you improve your teams. But along the way, we understood that the power of our system is not just in helping companies develop their existing staff. It's in delivering a convenient tool to source young professionals educated through our learning platform in areas that companies traditionally value. We started with an MBA program for elite-educated young professionals and turned it into a career network that gives employers unique insight into prospective new hires and a modern, convenient way to connect, interview and hire.

We're teaching what companies value most.

Smartly Talent

85% of the candidates in the Smartly Talent career network attended top 20 undergraduate programs. In their young careers, they have worked as rising stars in startups, big tech, and the top consulting firms. And they are all looking for a career move. We've made a simple platform for approaching, connecting, interviewing and ultimately hiring candidates who will help you shape the future of your business.

And we do it dramatically more cost-effectively than the major recruitment services. The marginal cost of students in our learning technology platform, no matter how superior, allows us to more affordably deliver candidates to the companies that benefit from them.

Applying as an employer is free. Evaluating and connecting with candidates is free. Companies pay only upon the successful hiring of one of our candidates. Learn more about Smartly Talent or sign up today.

Source elite young professionals today in Smartly Talent.

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