Not All MBA Degrees Are Created Equal

An independent study confirms Smartly's MBA degree stacks up to the best business schools in the world.

The Smartly Efficacy Study

We understand the skepticism with online degrees. And why not? They often lack quality education, offer limited credibility in the job market, and come with high tuition costs. But we’re not here to be the best online degree. We’re here to be among the best MBAs, period.

Active Learning sets us apart from the passive lectures in both brick and mortar and online education. We teach faster and more effectively than traditional methods. But how much?

Smartly versus top mba scores chart

In an independent study by Stanford academics, Smartly students in Accounting and Finance performed as well or better than traditional MBA students comprised of many of the top 10 business schools in the world, including Stanford, Harvard, Wharton and Fuqua. Oh, and they did so over 5 times as quickly. See the full study.

How do students value it? Very highly. The study surveyed participants in overall satisfaction. With Net Promoter Scores (NPS) ranging between 40-52, students expressed extreme satisfaction on par with students at Harvard (41) and Wharton (51).

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