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Modeled after executive programs at the world's leading business schools, the EMBA combines our award-winning MBA curriculum with new courses designed for senior executives. Students will benefit from a flexible pace requirement and both personalized and group-based learning activities.

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We evaluate applicants on education, work experience, and leadership attributes. Our global EMBA candidates possess top academic credentials and have demonstrated business success as seasoned managers or proven entrepreneurs.

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The Curriculum

Our EMBA is for the senior executive who wants to develop strategic thinking within a rigorous quantitative program. Students develop core skills in finance, accounting, and data science, then build proficiency in key business functions, such as management, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

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Superior Instruction

With an award-winning teaching system that leverages our proprietary Active Learning method, Smartly EMBA students learn effectively and quickly compared with traditional MBA classroom solutions. The future of learning has arrived.

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Conveniently Mobile

With instruction on your computer, tablet or smartphone, you'll progress rapidly, hitting academic milestones, networking, and engaging in group activities regularly during the 12-month program. Our flexibility means you don’t have to compromise your personal or professional obligations.

Career Services

Our professional development services include a comprehensive suite of career management and professional development resources. Whether you're currently searching for a new job or simply want to be prepared should a unique opportunity arise, we have what it takes to propel you forward.

Pricing & Scholarships

Tuition covers all individualized instruction, career services and exams in the EMBA program. 2017 fees are just $9500, not including optional travel for on-site workshop and networking weekends in Washington DC. Partial and full merit-based scholarships are available, granted on a rolling basis as each class is filled.

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