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Combining breakthroughs in online learning with traditional MBA course material, Smartly gives you all the benefits with none of the sacrifice.

The MBA Paradox

You want an MBA. Of course you do! The benefits are stark and well documented. Up to 120% increase in salary. Higher job retention. Increased access to the open global job market. An alumni network of mentors and potential employers from around the world.

Yes, you want an MBA. But is it worth the sacrifice?

Is it worth 2 years of dedicated study at an all-in cost of up to $200,000? Well, yes, it is. It's that valuable. Despite the flaws that keep the vast majority of those interested in an MBA locked out. That make it just expensive and time-consuming enough to keep the traditional MBA system spinning on its axis of exclusion. That have it clinging to instruction that is slow, lecture-based and passive, ignoring the benefits of interactive, feedback-based learning technology. That for many, delivers hope, but not the promise of a dream job.

The MBA system is ripe for change.

The Educational Technology Paradox

Now consider the current state of online learning. Technology is a great driver of change, right? But how much of a technological leap do you see? Does streaming lecture-based videos count as innovation? Has anyone combined the research in feedback-based, active learning with the great engagement strategies of social media to drive motivation, committed study, and effectiveness? What about the promise of technology to widen the reach of education to those less fortunate, with neither the access nor the means to attain an MBA?

When we gaze out at the educational technology landscape, we see a fragmented collage of low expectations and over-simplification. As a society, we have identified the need and the value of lifting education up and out, yet our innovations have left much to be desired.

The promise of education technology goes largely unfulfilled.

The Smartly Difference

Enter Smartly, a total re-think of how learning should happen: mobile, interactive, social - even witty - so you learn difficult and technical subjects with surprising ease. Smartly is trailblazing mobile learning, teaching fundamental business concepts with a pedagogical design that accommodates rapid, adaptive learning.

Relying on basic tenets of educational research and decades of experience in the educational technology industry, Smartly has reinvented interactivity in mobile learning. Gone are the passive approaches of video or lecture-based broadcasting.

Instead, Smartly lessons rely upon the principles of "active learning," requiring learner interactions every 7 seconds with immediate feedback associated with each action. And as every 5-10 minute lesson builds on previously-learned concepts, we’ll continually test your understanding while introducing you to new business concepts.

The result is a superior platform that delivers an MBA for the modern era. How superior?

Smartly versus top mba scores chart

In an independent study by Stanford academics, Smartly students in Accounting and Finance performed as well or better than traditional MBA students comprised of many of the top 10 business schools in the world, including Stanford, Harvard, Wharton and Fuqua. Oh, and they did so over 5 times as quickly. See the full study.

How do students value it? Very highly. The study surveyed participants in overall satisfaction. With Net Promoter Scores (NPS) ranging between 40-52, students expressed extreme satisfaction on par with students at Harvard (41) and Wharton (51).

We’re leading the way in design, efficacy and outcome-based learning.

The Smartly Cost Breakthrough

But what about cost? The true promise of Smartly comes not only from quality education, speed of learning, and convenience in mobile delivery, but from a business model innovation that reduces student cost to $0. Yes, Smartly is free. And open to the world. By re-orienting around successful job placement, the cost burden gets transferred from the student to a grateful employer. We get paid by employers looking for candidates just like you. And that keeps the MBA free for students worldwide.

We’ve figured out how to make good on the promise of a free education.

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