Smartly For Universities

Smartly uses the principles of active learning to educate students quickly and effectively.

Using Smartly in Your Course

Professors and administrators use Smartly in a wide variety of ways to educate their students. Common examples include:

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Prepare matriculating students

MBA programs take advantage of Smartly’s Pre-MBA fundamentals in order to level the playing field before students arrive on campus.

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Flip the classroom

Professors assign Smartly lessons to be completed before coming to class, so that students come ready to ask questions, discuss examples, and try advanced applications of the topics.

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Supplement existing content

Professors recommend Smartly lessons to supplement existing resources so students gain a deeper understanding of the course content and go beyond what is covered in class.

Smartly Reporting

Smartly offers a full suite of online tools to track student performance across all lessons. Monitor who is doing what, when, and how well.

Smartly Reporting

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