It's Time for the Tesla of Education

Smartly has the right technology, mindset, and pedagogy to reshape education on a global scale.

Our Vision

To date, technology that helps people learn has been neither effective nor profitable. MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and their lecture-centric teaching models typically fail to keep students interested long term. Meanwhile, traditional higher education entities are porting their programs online, but have neglected what makes in-person learning so beneficial: a community and alumni network. Smartly's education programs remedy this shortcoming with curated student communities that instill a sense of belonging and shared motivation.

Smartly's technology, pedagogy, and network-first approach have been proven in its business school, Quantic, recently launched Valar Institute, and Jordanian-based high school program, Miya Miya. As we speak, we're hard at work developing additional master’s degrees, certificates, test prep courses, and an affordable bachelor's degree.

We've built a scalable platform where students learn 10x faster and with higher retention, but we’re not stopping there. We dream of even bigger, global possibilities. We believe that investing in people and empowering them with a high quality education will result in a brighter future for all of us.